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Saint Benoît Students’ Enormous Success In Cambridge B2 And C1 Exams

Since 2005, Saint Benoît High School has always encouraged its students to get the Cambridge certification in order to give them a high level of English.
English language teaching is a priority in our curriculum and we know that they will need this language throughout their academic and professional life. That's why, since 2006, our high school has been the Official Cambridge English Examination Center.

English For Life

Saint Benoît High School students take exams in order to get the B2 (upper-intermediate level), C1 (advanced level) and C2 (mother tongue) certifications which are valid for life.

Saint Benoît  – Official Cambridge English Examination Center for C1

Saint Benoît High School has exclusivity: it is the only school to be both a Preparation Center and an Examination Center in Istanbul at this level.  Many of our students gain a C1 certificate.

Excellent results in 2021 – against all odds

Against all odds and not giving up in spite of the pandemic, our students continued to practise online with their tutor to prepare themselves in weekly sessions.

The examination of 2021 was realized in June in our school. Once again, our students have obtained very good results.

Students have passed B2 and C1 exams and the majority of participants has gained excellent results.

Moreover, one of our candidates has obtained the C2 certification, in other terms the only mother tongue language certification in Turkey.

Congratulations to our students!