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New-York’ta Eğitim Gezisi : 1. Gün

New-York’ta Eğitim Gezisi : 1. Gün

Aylarca bekleyişin ve birkaç saatlik uçuşun ardından öğrencilerimiz sonunda New York’a vardılar !

Öğrenciler heyecanlarını daha henüz atarken etkinlikler başlamıştı bile… Birinci günün programı: St John Üniversitesi Kampüsünü tanıma, seviye belirleme sınavı, Amerikan yemeklerinin keşfi ve … alışveriş !İki öğrencimiz bize ilk izlenimlerini yansıttılar :

  • “After months of waiting we finally got on the plane to New York from Ataturk airport. After nine hours of flying we landed in New York late at night. Our journey on the plane was fun; we made jokes and watched movies. After spending some time waiting at passport control, we collected our luggage and took the special bus of St. John’s University – the Peter Pan Bus (with free wi-fi!)
    The next day, two of the group leaders, Oscar and Aniqua, took us to a classroom where we took a test. This is to separate students into different levels for our lessons.
    The best part so far for me was the shopping! We went to SoHo yesterday, and all of us were like shopaholics for the afternoon. Well, what can I say? It is much cheaper than Istanbul! One thing that is difficult for me is the humidity – and there is no wi-fi – but it doesn’t matter, it is a great trip and holiday for everyone!”
    Alara Kaleoğlu (Haz F)
  • “New York is an amazing place! We’ve been waiting for this trip for so long, and finally we’re here! The flight took 9 hours. You might think it’s bad and you are wasting your time for these 9 hours, but we had so much fun – we listened to music and watched films, and the food was delicious.
    When we arrived at the airport in New York we got on a bus and came to our university campus. I don’t really remember this first day in my room because I was too tired and went directly to bed.
    Our days are going great! We are shopping like freaks and spending our money but who cares? – we’re in New York City! Everyone who takes care of us is so polite and really nice. They’re making this trip amazing. We’re having a blast here!”
    Pelin Moumin (Haz F)