We are presenting our English Language Education via digital software

Innovative techniques to prepare our students for the future

By changing our students' view about technology and science we are presenting a controled mobile device usage and a new generation mobile education platform and environment that prepares for the future.

In English Language teaching we are focusing on education in the Soft Skills technique and STEM area. Beside improving their social skills we are aiming at making our students curious about knowledge and being creative with a new generation digital education platform that is designed to win students’ affection for science and technology. While presenting language improvement through educating in an entertaining way we are aiming at helping students improve their digital knowledge and skills. These digital platforms that enable students to learn at any time and any place accelerate learning.

Presentations with TED Talks

Under the umbrella term Soft Skills (interpersonal skills) we want to improve skills such as students’ communicative skills with their environment, oral and written communication, body language, team work, using empathy, negotiation and persuasive skills, dilemma management, time management, problem solving and communication between individuals. At all levels we are supporting this development by making presentations with TED Talks (Technology, Entertainment, Design) themes.

What is STEM ?

STEM is an expression which is the short form of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Maths. We provide students with knowledge with the articles they read at the digital platform and in this way they start gaining the skills they are going to have finally in the future. In a world that gets digitalized with developing technologies due to the mobile phones, Tvs, computers and robotics systems the demand for digital jobs is increasing day by day. In order to enable students who can analyze, produce and use these systems to be trained more easily, we started to implement this system in 2016 at Prep level and have developed it up to 11th grade and we are continuing by changing the interface for every new academic year. At grade 12 we are working on the TOEFL (IBT) exam to enable students to skip prep classes at universities in Turkey and abroad.

Our students and parents think that STEM is necessary when prefering universities abroad and they are aware that a student who grows up in a learning environment containing critical thinking, questioning, and innovation it is easier to achieve during their years at university.