Students of MUN Club have participated at TIMUN’22

Students of our school’s MUN club participated in the first conference of the year, the 27th edition of the Turkish International Model United Nations, better known as TIMUN’22 between the dates of 24 and 27 November 2022. The conference was held at the Üsküdar American High School. Over the course of four days, participants had the chance to partake in a variety of activities ranging from acting as delegates in order to resolve global issues in different committees to taking photos and keeping a record of the different events that took place throughout the length of the conference as a part of the dedicated Press Team.

Saint Benoît students participated in the conference this time as photographers, an expert delegate as Pakistan and delegates for Ghana, two influential governments on the global scene. Each day consisted of multiple back-to-back hours of fruitful debate which pushed our students to actively participate in debates and explore their potential. Although our MUN team for TIMUN’22 consisted of first-time conference delegates as well as heavily seasoned MUN veterans, all of our students were able to learn new things and add new skills to their skill set.

All in all, Saint Benoît students had the chance to display their command of high-level English and strengthen their communication abilities by debating and meeting new people during the conference. All left the campus on Sunday afternoon with fond memories and eagerness to participate in upcoming conferences. Our students that took part in TIMUN’22 stated their thoughts below as follows:

“I really enjoyed running around all day with a camera, although it was tiring at times. At the end of the conference, I had taken 1037 photos in total which really granted me the opportunity to practice my photography skills. On the other hand, I’m grateful for having the opportunity to meet a bunch of new people and discover a completely new high school structure, which I appreciated.”
Mert T., in the role of Photographer

“Even though the conference was exhausting for me, it was nice to participate in a formal debate in a diplomatic environment. Given that this is my first conference, I clearly have certain shortcomings but I will try my best to develop my skills. In general, realizing that I am capable of participating in formal debates in a committee has encouraged me for future conferences of the school year.”
Güven K., as a Delegate of Ghana