“Cinema Day”

An event organised by the English Department and the Mediathèque of Saint Benoît:

Every year in May, the Cannes Film Festival takes place in France. As Saint Benoît, we celebrated this month, honouring the 7th art of cinema, with a “Cinema Day” event on 17 May.

Activities throughout the year ….

Work on Cinema Day began at all levels in November.

In the preparatory classes, students wrote short scripts, recorded them and shared them in the classroom, but as the students were too young and shy, they did not permit their teachers to use them in the garden screening, so general sharing could not occur.

Classroom activities were used to build motivation and knowledge for the cinema day.

L1 classes made presentations of the films and actors of their choice and these presentations took place in the gallery as a barcovision show.

L2 classes visited the Beyoğlu Cinema Museum during the week of 12-16 February. In the museum, film scripts and costumes were examined and students were provided with knowledge.

In April, Ms Emeline taught poster-making techniques and a competition was held with the prepared posters and prizes were awarded. This activity strengthened our students’ responsibility, creativity, helpfulness and cinema knowledge.

L3 classes, TED Talks on 13 December students prepared presentations on cinema history and presented them to the L3 students.

17 May: Cinema Day 

The “Cinema Day” event held in the schoolyard attracted great interest. It started with a sweet sale of popcorn and cotton candy and continued with a colourful fashion show where students dressed up as famous actors and actresses. The fashion show, which drew everyone’s admiration, was followed by an exhibition of creative posters made by the students. The event culminated with karaoke performances, and everyone had a great time. 

The garden activities were the most interesting for the pupils;

*Memory photos taken in front of the green screen.

*Red carpet costume fashion show

*Pop Corn and Cotton Candy for sale

*Affiche competition

*Karaoke Competition

Filled with fun activities, this event became an unforgettable day for both students and teachers.

Many students regretted to their teachers that they could not attend. We hope to see them next year…