Üsküdar American Academy’s TIMUN Konference

Theme : "Building Bridges"

In all, 15 students from the MUN club (English section) took very active part in the recent 24th. Turkish International Model United Nations’ conference (TIMUN), held at Üsküdar American Academy, together with around 400 of their peers.

They represented three delegations: two national delegations, (one from Pakistan and one from Ukraine); plus an international organisation of the UN itself, the World Bank.

Under the conference theme of ‘Building Bridges’, they debated in English, for three whole days, to produce poitive resolutions, full of new and interesting proposals, in the style of the UN’s General Assembly.

Their work addressed major, current, world problems and challenges, such as the following :

Disarmament and International Security Committee

  • Intensifying efforts to neutralize landmines

Social and Humanitarian Committee

  • Eradication of modern slavery

Special, Political and Decolonization Committee

  • Resolving territorial conflict in the Horn of Africa

Environmental Committee

  • Combating illicit wildlife trafficking and exploitation

Legal Committee

  • Measures to regulate the development of artificial intelligence

ECOSOC – Economic and Social Council

  • Ensuring access to microfinance in developing countries

Special Conference

  • Creating legal frameworks for the elimination of domestic violence and abuse

Besides proposing ideas, negotiating and debating the strengths and weaknesses of all that was jointly developed by all the students present, our team strengthened its skills in English, through authentic and intense application to the business of the conference. Such networking and debate requires the highest levels of commitment and constant, interactive and diplomatic exchange.
As we prepare for our own conference at St. Benoît for June 2018, the greater experience gained through attendance and implication in a school-based conference of the highest, world quality, will stand us in excellent stead.
Congratulations to all those students involved !
Bravo for your success in raising the profile of our Model United Nations’ club !

All your efforts are so clearly beneficial, not only for yourselves in your language development and education in world citizenship, but also for all students involved in Model United Nations’ conferencing, and for the image of the school itself, in its activities ouside of the classroom.

From that very positive image, we all profit !

Well done and with all our thanks for your work !

Some delegate comments follow :

Zeynep (10 D : Ambassador for Pakistan) : « I can honestly say that TIMUN was one of the best conferences I have attended. I thought that it was well-organised and fun. We were a productive committee and I’m glad that I was a part of it.« 

Selin (10 C : Delegate for Ukraine) : « This was my first conference and it truly was a stunning experience !« 

Ceren (10 C : Head of delegation for the World Bank) : « I was in ECOSOC this year and our committee had a wide variety of students. I got to meet lots of different people with different points of views.« 

Ece  (10 D : Delegate for Ukraine) : « This was my second TIMUN conference and I was a delegate in the ECOSOC committee. I’ve made very good friends around Turkey and we still keep in touch. It was an amazing conference and I’m very happy that I’ve participated in it.« 

Kerem  (10 A : Delegate of the World Bank) : « This was my first TIMUN conference. I really enjoyed the atmosphere and it was a great experience for me.« 

Asya  (10 D : Ambassador for Ukraine) : « This conference encouraged me to participate actively. I got to debate ongoing world issues. It makes me want to chair at SBMUN’18.«