A variety of International Language Certificates

Every year our school provides a number of opportunities to receive different certificates that evaluate their language skills. 
These certificates certify Saint Benoît’s real success.

1. Cambridge English Language Assessment :
Saint Benoit has been an official exam centre for year. Numerous universities in the world have acknowledged advanced language certificates for higher education. This year three of our students received C2 level certificates (approx. mother tongue level) during the Cambridge English Language Assessment Certificate exams.

2. IELTS (International English Language Testing System)
This certificate is especially necessary in the professional world.  It is designed for people who are going to live, work or study in English speaking countries.

3. TOEFL (Yabancı Dil olarak İngilizce Testi)
This certificate is especially necessary at university level. This test helps students to be accepted by universities.