St. Benoît Students’ Outstanding Success in Cambridge B2,C1 and C2 Exams

Congratulations to our students!

Since 2005 our school has always motivated our students to take Cambridge certification to improve their level of English.

English language teaching has a priority in our curriculum and we are aware of the fact that our students need English for their academic and professional career. That’s why our school has been an official Cambridge Preparation and Examination Center sınce 2005.

Valid for life

Saint Benoît students take exams to get B2 (upper- intermediate), C1 (advanced) and C2 (mother tongue) level certificates which are valid for life.

Saint Benoît – the only exam center for C1 certification in Istanbul

Saint Benoît has an exclusivity: it is the only school to be both official preparation and examination center for C1 level in Istanbul. Many of our students get e C1 certificate.

Extraordinary results in 2022

Apart from their English classes at our school our students have profited from online lessons given each week in the evenings by our school to prepare themselves from their enrollment until the exam.

Our students took B2, C1 and C2 level exams in June 2022 and the majority received excellent results.

What’s more, 3 of our students have received a certificate for Proficiency, that means a certificate at C2 level.

Enrollment for 2023 exams in February

For enrollment for 2023 exams we are going to make an announcement on our website in February.