Saint Benoît at MilanMUN 2021

Civico Polo Scolastico Alessandro Manzoni, a 150-year-old secondary school in Milan,Italy has recently hosted their MUN conference MilanMUN which has been going on ever since 2003. 7 students from our school, Lycée Saint Benoît, have participated in MilanMUN 2021 which was organised online, using the platform Google Meet. The English conference took place on March 25-27 and had five committees; Security Council, General Assembly, DISEC, SOCHUM and FAO. Even though it was a short online experience our students still got to debate on current world issues and had a better clear international look by working with students from different cultural backgrounds and studying on new topics. We also had the opportunity to take a look at an online conference and it’s organization from a delegation’s point of view, which helped us make changes and improve our ideas for our upcoming conference.

Here are some words from our students who represented Russia as delegates in different committees:

Even though MilanMUN was online and different from what we are used to, it was a great experience. The organization was excellent and it felt like you were attending a conference in person. I made new friends and learned a lot of new things about my delegation, Russia. I was able to come up with new ideas on what we can put into practice in our own conference.


Since the start of the pandemic, our daily life has been turned upside down. With the cancellation of many events, including the MUN conferences, we didn’t know what to do. However, life went on. This year, it was great to be able to continue our activities. MilanMUN has been one of the best online conferences I have attended so far. Even with these circumstances, the conference ended very positively. As a delegate from the Russian Federation, I gained new experiences and found new ways to improve myself. Overall, I was very happy to participate.

Serpil Rana 

As a student who enjoys debating, I have a lot of fun at MUN conferences. I believe hosting an online conference is exceptionally difficult, but MilanMUN did it very well. The topics were very interesting and since it was an international conference, I had the opportunity to meet new foreign friends. I’m glad I attended the conference and I’m looking forward to attending it again next year.


As for our students who were delegates of Yemen, Asya wanted to tell us about her experience:

Although the conference was online, MilanMUN was a very pleasant experience for me. Their organizing team was well prepared. We have talked about important world issues in committees. Thanks to the conference, I learned a lot of new things about my delegation in Yemen, and other countries as well. I am happy that I participated.


And lastly, some words from our only Moroccon delegation who got selected to best delegation:

MilanMUN was a short but very productive conference. In my opinion, their organization team did a good job of organizing the schedules. We have arrived at what we should be doing in the given time. As a Moroccan delegation, I was in the Disarmament Committee and the issues we dealt with weren’t boring. The issue that I liked the most was the one that spoke of the problems of security and democracy in the Maghreb region. To conclude, the conference was fun and allowed me to learn a lot about Morocco.


To conclude what has been stated so far, our students were glad to participate in a short but well organised international online MUN conference, MilanMUN and we thank Civico Polo Scolastico Alessandro Manzoni and their organization team as well as all the other participants for helping us have a good experience.