Learning English : One of our Priorities

In the 21st century the importance of the English language in professional as well as social life cannot be denied as English has become a common language in the world. As it is with the United Nations English and French are the official languages of many essential organisations in the world.

Saint Benoît Lycee has been aware for many years that English language skills are essential..
One third of the European population between the ages of 17-24 speak English. It is for this reason that the English language is a priority in our curriculum, thus there are several important projects to sustain the improvement of the English language.Some examples are as follows :

A) Language study trips

1. US – Niagara

Exchange programme launched by Niagara University : the families and students of Lewiston-Porter High School in the Niagara area host 20 of our 10th grade students to participate actively in classes and to visit the country’s natural and historical sights.

2. New-York – Saint John University

Language study trip to a renowned university. Students have the chance to experience everyday life on the campus of an American university along with a language course and spend two weeks focusing on the language, culture and civilisation of the country.

3. London

Language study trip with classes according to the students’ language level at a renowned language centre in London… At the end of this trip which is guided by two teachers and has a weight on the visit of London and language learning the students receive a certificate.

B) English classes adjusted to the level of Prep students

1. English classes are streamed at prep level. Saint Benoit French Lycee provides English classes that are prepared according to the level of the students. The aim is to take all students to the same level so that classes become homogenous.

2. In the process of teaching teachers use pedagogical tools and methods specially designed according to the students’ needs. The staff follows interactive teaching methods that are based on the linguistic projects.

3. Prep Show by Prep Students : All year long prep students prepare a quality entertaining show in English.

C) A variety of international language certificates

Every year our school provides different opportunities to receive different certificates that evaluate their language skills. These certificates certify Saint Benoit’s real success.

1. Cambridge English Language Assessment : Saint Benoit has been chosen official exam centre for years.

Numerous universities in the world have acknowledged advanced language certificates for higher education.
This year 3 of our students have received C2 level certificates (mother tongue) during the Cambridge English Language Assessment Cartificate exams.

2. IELTS (International English Language Testing System)

This certificate is especially necessary in the professional world. It is designed for people who are going to live, work or study in English speaking countries.

3. TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language)

This certificate is especially necessary at university level. This test helps students to be accepted by universities.

D) The improvement of the English language for world citizenship

1. MUN – International conferences in English
Model United Nations (MUN) is a simulation of the United Nations whose mission is to train students for international debates and to improve communication skills. There is a high rate of participation all over the world.
2. Contests and debates in English
3. Common projects with educational institutions (New York – St.John, Niagara University, Cambridge…)

E) Classes designed for special purposes and methods that improve linguistic skills

Students make choices that are important for their careers : natural sciences, social studies and language and literature. Priority is given to cultural and linguistic education according to the choices made by students. From 10th grade onwards students focus on terms, expressions and vocabulary and improve their language skills that are necessary for their professional lives.

F) Mc Gill University, Penn State University, University of London, Georgetown University, Boston College…

Many of our students attend universities in the US and the UK or renowned universities in Turkey that have programmes in English.