Language Study Trips For Our Students

Take a look at our language study trips !

1. London

Spending the Spring break in England will give our students a wonderful experience overseas. The English capital, London, is a bustling city known for its mix of modern culture and rich history. England offers students a variety of different settings in which they can learn, ensuring that students will never be bored and enjoy studying in this eclectic country.

Our choice of London as one of our educational trip destinations is based on several factors. London is one of the world’s most exciting capital cities and hosts two million visitors and education seekers every year. It is a multicultural city that is rich in culture and history and has a wide range of activities to offer in different areas : history, culture, theatre, opera, shopping, food and fashion. London is the birthplace and home of the English language, and it has the widest range of English language courses in the world, which have a worldwide reputation for academic excellence. 
All these factors combined make London a perfect destination for our students.

Our London educational trip is designed for our 9th graders (L1). Every year in April, 20 students from Grade 9, accompanied by their English teachers go to London, where they join an intensive English course for one week in a prestigious English language school, Oxford House College.

The school is located in the heart of London, on Oxford Street, and is close to all the major tourist attractions, to shops, theaters, museums, restaurants and cinemas. Our students enjoy a stimulating course and still be perfectly located to enjoy everything London has to offer. Every morning, they attend English lessons that are tailored according to their needs. In the afternoon, our students have the opportunity to sightsee and visit different historical, cultural, political, and artistic spots in London. They also have the chance to try different international cuisines, and go shopping in this city which is famous for being the centre of fashion. In addition, our students have the opportunity to experience London’s shows, plays and musicals.

2. US-Niagara

With the Niagara University exchange program, Saint Benoît students have the incredible opportunity to see the world and increase their global awareness. They will take classes with native English-speaking students and live with a host family, which will challenge them to push their own boundaries and immerse themselves in a different language and culture.

Since April 2014 our school has been involved in an exchange program with Lewiston Porter High School in the Niagara region of the USA. Each year, 20 students from 10th grade travel to a little town close to the town of Buffalo in the Niagara region to experience a cultural exchange with American students of their own age. Here are 6 good reasons for taking part :

* This trip is held during the spring break, so no lessons at St.Benoît are missed !
* Active participation in American classrooms in a variety of subjects !
* Full-time exposure to English – the best way to improve speaking and understanding !
* Making new friends and getting to know American culture and way of life !
* An extremely low fee, as students are hosted by families !
* 3 nights stay in NY City on the return trip !

3. New York – Saint John University – Summer School

Our Saint John University Summer School Program focuses on educational, social, cultural and economic aspects of learning the English language in a summer school.

Students might consider going to St. John University to experience different styles of education. In addition to the considerable language practice they will get in day to day life, their host university will likely offer language courses to provide them with a more academic education. When they’ve finished their study program and returned home, they will have returned with a new perspective on culture, language skills, education, and a willingness to learn.
Recreation is an important part of this summer school, thus they will also enjoy sharing their experiences much more than spending their time alone.