Goodbye Niagara ! Goodbye New York !

Our students are discovering New York City !
Empire State Building, Times Square,… There are a lot of places to see !

▪ Tuesday 28 April :

Unfortunately, it’s our last day at Niagara ! Being aware that it’s time to say good-bye we went outside the school with our friends with a heavy heart and took our last photos with them. How difficult it is to part with a friend ! Only a week ago we didn’t even know each other and now we have tears in our eyes when saying good-bye like very old friends ! However, this is only a temporary separation as our friends promised to visit us. See you in Istanbul !

After a very sad separation and before our departure for Baffalo, we set off to visit Fort Niagara which is one of the most important historical sights of this area. The French and the English who built colonies in this area built forts with the help of the Native Americans forts on the two shores of the Niagara River just at the mouth of Lake Ontario. Today there are two different countries at these two shores, namely Canada and the US. As Fort Niagara which was established in the 18th century was of strategic importance it was used until the 20th century. Today it is used as a museum.
After having left the fort we finally set off for Buffalo Airport. The only relief we had was our 3-day visit to New York. Let’s see what kind of surprises we will encounter in this wonderful city !

▪ Wednesday 29 April :

We began our day with the visit of one of the most important buildings of NewYork – The Empire State. This skyscraper which was built at the end of the 1920s during The Great Depression and finished below its budget and deadline is also the highest building of the country. We had the chance to admire the wonderful panoramic view from the top of this magnificent building which has 102 floors being situated in Manhattan which consists mainly of skyscrapers.

After having visited this great building we headed for the famous Times Square. Times Square is an area where the 7th Avenue and 42nd street and Broadway cross being the heart of the city with its famous stores having light panels and where the most important musicals and plays are performed. What an amazing view that was ! We couldn’t watch our steps while we were walking down the street because we couldn’t keep our eyes off the lights beaming above our heads. Our first day passed just like the city itself – just amazingly ! And so we went back tired but happy to our hotel in Manhattan.

▪ Thursday 30 april :

Today different kinds of adventures are awaiting us in this beautiful city : our first plan was to go to peer 83 at the western waterfront of Manhattan to see the city from the seaside. On our tour we first saw the awesome silhouette of Manhattan, then one of the most famous ladies in the world, Mrs. Statue of Liberty and finally the Brooklyn, Manhattan and Williamsburg bridges. What an amazing sight that was !

After having landed at the same peer it was time to see one of the most important museums of New York –The American Museum of Natural History. This museum which is situated at the west side of Central Park right in the middle of New York provides an insight into the world’s cultural and natural legacy.
How fast time goes by in this city and there are still so many things to see !

▪ Friday 1 May :

It is unbelievable but true : we have come now to the final day of our two-week trip but before we leave there are still lots of things we must see !
Our first target is Central Park. For this we first take the subway and get off exactly at the park. What a great park this is ! It’s like an oasis in the middle of New York, the city of skyscrapers.
After having crossed Central Park we arrive at The Metropolitan Museum of Art at the eastern side of the park. After having explored this famous museum where the paintings of famous artists like 
Picasso, Renoir, Van Gogh, Gauguin, Van Dyck, Rembrandt are desplayed unfortunately, we had to go back to our hotel. A shuttle bus was going to take us finally to JFK airport.

Good-bye New York ! Good-bye our friends ! Görüşmek üzere – Good-bye !