2 of our students have won a prize at the Baltic Sea Philosophy Essay Event

Being an important stage in the preparation for the International Philosophy Olympiad, the Baltic Sea Philosophy Essay Event (BSPEE) took place online last October. 82 students from Turkey participated in the event where 285 students from 13 different countries were hosted.

The aim of enouraging students to participate is without doubt to prepare students for the Turkey Philosophy Olympiad, to excite them to participate, to recognize students who create successful essays and to increase interest in philosophy. Participation in international events is an important motivation for students who know very well that achieving and certifying especially in philosophy is very efficient during admission procedures to universities abroad.

Our students who participated in the BSPEE wrote their ideas in English having chosen one out of the suggested 4 topics within the time limit of 2 hours during the essay writing process. During one month the essays were evaluated according to criteria such as mastering the subject, philosophical comprehension, originality, coherence and persuasion and our 12th grade students Ayça D. and Defne Y.  were awarded with the honour award.

We congratulate our students for making us so proud…

About BSPE

Baltic Sea Philosophy Essay Event” / BSPEE which was organized by the Board of the Development of Philosophy and Ethics Education in Finland in 2003 became the preparation event for the International Philosophy Olympiad (IPO) within a few years.

Finland, Sweden, Norway and Denmark started to send those students to the IPO that were awarded at the BSPEE. As the event developed and grew systematically its boarders expanded too and countries of the IPO were invited to participate.

Being one of the founding countries of the IPO, Turkey was invited to the BSPEE in 2011 for the first time. Turkish young people have also been encouraged to participate in the contest through the Istanbul High Schools’ Philosophy Clubs Platform (İLFKP).